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Vaticano Car Rental

Vaticano is a place that has a treasure hidden in every nook and corner. You can use Vaticano car rental service with us and drive through the city to immerse yourself in its splendor. Our car rental company offers several useful services like unlimited mileage, theft protection, roadside assistance and liability cover. The efficient customer service will ensure that you do not have to face any difficulty during your local travel in the spellbinding city of Vaticano. Our company has tie-ups with popular Vaticano car rental suppliers so that travelers can get huge collection of good cars from different segments.

Vaticano Highlights

Vaticano, more commonly known around the world as the Vatican City, is situated in the heart of Rome. It is the capital of Christianity. Spread over an area of just 44 hectares, Vaticano is the smallest country in the world. The Pope is the head of this state, which was declared as an independent state in 1929. The country has its own administration and political system, with the Pope being the highest authority. Citizenship for this country is given by the virtue of a person’s employment in Vaticano and not by birth. Famous all over the world for being the residence of the Pope, this place witness’s huge volume of tourist’s movements all round the year. The place holds several treasures for the pleasure of tourists. The place has its own bank and revenue is generated by tourism industry and sale of stamps, souvenirs and coins. We offer special Vaticano car hire deals to its travelers with affordable options.

The whole state of Vaticano looks like a huge museum. Everywhere you go, you find monuments, statues, churches, museums and libraries. The most prominent feature of Vaticano is St. Peter’s Square and the residence of the Pope, Apostolic Palace. St. Peter’s Square is a huge expanse of paved area located in front of St. Peter’s Basilica. Nothing in the world can beat the art collection in the museums of Vaticano. The museums house the largest collection of art pieces. Some of the most notable places in Vaticano are the Egyptian Museum, Vatican Picture Gallery, Etruscan Museum and Pio-Clementino Museum. The Museum of Christian Art holds some of the most noted tapestries and paintings on Christianity. The grandeur of the Sistine Chapel is breathtaking, with beautiful creations by famous artists like Michelangelo, being its main attraction. Rent a car with Vaticano and explore its amazing attractions.

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